About jsDelivr A free global CDN

jsDelivr is a free CDN (Content Delivery Network) for open source files. We are tightly integrated with Github and NPM, allowing us to automatically provide a reliable CDN service to almost every open source project out there.

We offer a stable CDN that can be used in production on popular websites with huge amounts of traffic. There are no bandwidth limits or premium features and its completely free to use by anybody.

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Ready for production

Our public CDN is built to be used in production by even the largest websites. Performance is monitored at all times, and we are always looking into new technologies and providers that may further improve our CDN. Downtime, timeouts or slow responses are simply unacceptable.

We do everything possible to ensure our CDN will NEVER break any websites regardless of use-case. If a file is available via our CDN we assume its used in production and make sure that file will continue to work no matter what.


Since jsDelivr is a free CDN we rely heavily on our sponsors to support the service. All of the traffic we serve is offered to us for free thanks to our CDN sponsors. We load-balance the traffic between them for better performance but also it allows us to avoid overloading a single CDN.

In case a CDN provider decides to stop sponsoring us we can quickly remove them from rotation and if needed replace them with other sponsors. We maintain a good relationship with the CDN industry overall.

Our main expenses include hosting of the origin and supporting infrastructure like APIs and log parsing. As well as part-time and freelancer developers and designers. At the moment these expenses are covered by Dmitriy A..

Our goal is to eventually cover all expenses with the help of our users, Github Sponsors and Open Collective sponsors.

The people behind

These people currently run or previously helped with running this project. Want to join them? We are always looking for help!

Core Team

Dmitriy Akulov
Martin Kolarik
Core Developer

Frequent Contributors

Artem Stoianov
Jakub Drgon
Patryk Ilnicki


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